JEdit Multi Document Interface

Here is a screen shot of my current modifications

Functionality is working pretty good.

To use this download the script file and the jedit.jar file.

Script file for turning your current edit view into a multi edit window
Also for your downloading pleasure is the jedit jar file (6-14-04)

Check back often as I make updates regularly
If you have any problems drop me a message

JEdit Launcher

Just for the fun of it I threw to gether a simple jedit launcher.

It the command line params are the files you wish to open.
If jEdit is running it creates a script for jEdit to use to open the files. Otherwise it opens jEdit and passes the files on the command line.
Anyway Here is my source and her is the binary.
If you want to add right click capabilities for windows download this reg file and modify it to point to your jedit.exe.

Current features:
Takes multiple files on the command line.
Handles international characters, I tested this with chinees characters.
Logs information to launcher.log
Uses to find jEdit.jar and current JVM

To Do:
Add property option for command line params when starting jEdit
Compile and test on Linux
Include -diff option (need to wait until diff plugin works again)

To build the source file you will need GNU make.exe.